The Lightning has landed!

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Hobby, P-38
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Oh my… *as my jaw drops* It’s huge!  The box for the P-38 model came today (see pic below)!  It is huge, but at the same time it is pretty much what I expected.  This thing is 7 ft 5 in long, 2 ft 4 in wide, and 2 ft 2 in tall!  The good thing is that it is only 55 lbs.  So it’s not heavy, just bulky.  I had to leave work a few hours early to meet the delivery company, and the plan was to go right back to work after it came.  Well, I couldn’t NOT open this curiously huge box, so the new plan was to just open it and take a look, and then go back to work.  That was a mistake.  Once I opened it, I couldn’t stop digging through the endless sheets of 2 inch thick foam, large bubble wrap, thin foam sheeting, and plastic bags to see how well all the parts survived the trip.  I finally dug out all the parts, and everything seems to be in as good of shape as I remember seeing it at my Dad’s house.  So all is well.  (see pics below)  The volume of the aircraft is actually very small, so I now have over 32 cubic feet of packing material and a giant box to get rid of.  That’s going to be a project in itself.  But at least, the aircraft has arrived!  And that’s enough for today.  Project 1, get rid of packing materials!  I feel like I could open a shipping business with all this!  Now it is time for bed.


It nearly blocks my entry!


That giant box for only these parts!  Notice the 2 ft long metal ruler in the middle for reference.  And notice the two ASP .61 cu in engines in the back (not .60 like I thought).  I think I’m going to convert this model to electric with outrunner motors and LiPo batteries, so these engines won’t be used.


You can see the oxidation.  It doesn’t turn too smoothly either.  Maybe I could sell them, who knows yet.


I know the pic doesn’t do justice to the magnitude of Mt. Polymer, but it’s a lot of materials!

I can’t wait to get started!  Too bad there is that “job thing” that I have to go to everyday! 🙂

  1. tjw1 says:

    How cool!

  2. tjw1 says:

    You can jump up and down on the bubble wrap popping bubbles…it’s a good workout!


  3. Joseph Galaske says:

    Pat said if she knew how big that box was she would have stuck me in there and shipped me to La-la land


  4. Joseph Galaske says:

    Hey, if you can find a small kid in the neighborhood, the box would be better than any bought toy. Maybe the packing can be used to create rooms in the box? Let’s get creative here!


    • aerodesigner says:

      That would be a good idea, except I don’t live where there are kids playing in the streets, or anywhere in the public for that matter. I’m going to get creative though. I’m going to make it a challenge to see how many bags of this stuff I can fit in one dumpster! LOL

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